Projected Production and Sales

It will take 6 months to assemble the crushing plant from the time of ordering to operating, and then acquiring all necessary equipment to mine the ore. Initially, the plant is projected to produce 10,000 tons of manganese ore per month once in operation. Production will be ramped up to 30,000 tons per month in order to secure orders based on the demand upon signing of contract. 

During the six months of installing the crusher system, we shall be preparing the mining site including stock-piling of the manganese ore. This will be after acquiring the necessary machinery that is required which include a 45-ton Excavator, Mine truck and a Loader, Bulldozer to start with etc.

It is projected that monthly revenue of US$ 1,300,000 is realizable six months after setting up the crushing plant. This means the stockpile within the six months will be 10,000 ton ready for crushing and ready for export. 

The company will operate on professional and ethical business rules. These are as outlined below:- 

Discipline in Exploration and Production;

  • Share Compensation x High Cash Remuneration;
  • Stable Legal and Account Records;
  • High Level of Management and Technical Team (English Speakers and QP);
  • Best Practices on Sampling, Contracting and Reporting;
  • Good Standard on Licenses and Permits;
  • Focus Immediately on Production 
  • Prefer Dilution X Debt or Royalty;
  • Few Locals and Respectable Persons on the Board;

Working Time

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